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Latest News-
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My first novel is now available from Amazon ... either on Kindle or in paperback.  It's a fantasy novel, blending folk tales, folklore and myth with 21st century London.   Click on the book image to find out more- 

I appear to have retired inadvertently!   The last few years have been difficult on many levels and have distracted me from an active search for places to play and promoting myself, but now I’ve decided it’s time for a re-launch.


So - if you’ve forgotten all about me (or perhaps had never heard of me in the first place) here’s a brief bio and summary of the highlights of my musical career to date. 

  • I’ve been writing my songs and singing them for as long as I can remember.  Started taking them more seriously in my teens, when I started being offered paying gigs very soon after my first few floor spots in the local folk clubs.   
  • Nic Jones heard me singing “Icarus” in around 1980 - Maggie Holland heard him singing it and played it, and Martin Simpson heard Maggie.  Martin has since recorded it three times and still includes it in his sets.  It’s been sung by many other performers on the folk circuit.  Other songs of mine that have gone travelling without me include “Moth”, “The Quiet People” and “Demeter’s Daughter”.
  • I toured with Mary McLaughlin for five years in the 80s as Anonyma.  We played extensively in the UK, the US and Ireland.  Mary now lives in Santa Cruz, California, but we have had two short reunion tours in the past six years.  I’ve also toured in the US with Steafan Hannigan (who has worked on all of my albums). 
  • As a solo performer, I’ve toured in the UK and the US, playing clubs, coffeehouses, book stores, festivals, arts centres and house concerts.  I’ve also devised and run workshops on voice, songwriting, storytelling and creativity which have taken place on the Greek island of Skyros, at Cortijo Romero in Spain and a number of other venues.   I work as a storyteller in libraries, schools, arts centres and bookshops.  I’ve run my storytelling workshops for children’s charities in prisons and women’s refuges. 
  • I’ve released seven solo albums of songs as well as a live album. 
  • I’m looking for places to play and places to run my workshops.  As a festival guest I can provide concert spots, workshops and story sessions for adults and children. 

There are links above to take you to more details of all of this.

The Songwriters' Group is now taking shape.  The last meeting was well attended and decisions have been made!  The next meeting is on January 18th for a full day .. contact me for full details.





Anne now has a blog! Look at the 'Homepage' dropdown menu above, or click here.

I now have an online Store;

Individual CDs £10.00 each
Additional CDs £8.00 each
Shipping options for other countries available.

Here is YouTube footage of Anne performing live;
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