Waiting for the Hero (2005)

Waiting for the Hero is Anne’s sixth solo album. In the course of the fourteen songs on the album we meet various dancing creatures, including a minister who saw fairies, a dragon and a small black cat … we revisit a few fairy tales including a rather embittered Cinderella … we muse on the nature of love, heroism and patriotism and yes, there’s a small collection of ancient Greeks, as well. As a bonus there is an arrangement of the traditional ballad of “Silkie”, which Anne has been wanting to record for years.


  • The Reverend Jones
  • A Call to Arms
  • Marrow Hill
  • Dante's Church
  • The Small Black Cat
  • The Trees in the Woodland
  • Gate in the Wall
  • Silkie
  • Drake's Drum
  • Cinders
  • Medusa's Smile
  • The Quiet People
  • Dance with the Dragon
  • How to Find True Love
Sample Track- The Reverend Jones

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