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The website is back up and running!
(but still a work in progress. Keep revisiting!)


A lot has been happening.

Most importantly, Anne is recording a new album, the first for over eight years. This is being made possible by a generous American benefactor, and Anne has recorded again with Liv Elliot in the beautiful surroundings of Boscastle in Cornwall. The new album is provisionally entitled "Astrolabe" and will include some recordings from 1973 as well as a number of very new songs. Exactly which musicians will be joining in the fun is still to be decided, but itís highly likely to be the Dream Team (including Mike O'Connor and Steafan Hannigan) who have worked with Anne before, as well as others. One song which has been waiting far too long to be recorded is "Vindolanda".
Anne is heavily involved with work on her PhD on the medieval Arthurian romance of Jaufre. This means most of the performances over the past year have been storytelling rather than singing, and in some very serious locations such as the International Medieval Congress in Leeds and the International Arthurian Society gathering in Germany. There will be more of these performances - there is definitely one already booked at the Word of Mouth Storytelling Club in Manchester, in February 2018. For those who have asked, any future Anonyma tours are "on hold" indefinitely as Mary Mc Laughlin is also busily writing her own PhD thesis.

Because of the new album, however, and because in 2018 Anne's main focus will be on writing up the thesis, she will be looking for some singing opportunities as well as the storytelling. Folk clubs, house concerts, festivals, book shop events …please let us know if you have any suggestions.
There are now download cards available for purchase from the on-line shop. These are small cards which carry a code enabling the download of the entire album, and they are available for Spreading Rings (which is otherwise unavailable in physical format), A Flame in Avalon and A Twist in the Story. They slip easily inside a birthday or Christmas card and would make great stocking fillers! Just £5.00 each including p&p or £12.00 for three.

Something else to watch out for: Anne's song "Stone Circles" has been arranged for four part harmony and is available from Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc. in California. There are some YouTube videos available to show choirs performing it, so if you know of a choir which may be interested please point them in the direction of the publisher at !