Sings songs, writes them, tells stories.

Welcome to my Website!


I'm excited to be starting this new venture off on Ko-fi. For much of the past few years, because of lockdowns, I've been doing occasional on-line concerts and hosting conversation groups. I've also been talking about my research into the 13th century Tale of Jaufre and indeed taking part in some storytelling circles and workshops. I've run a few songwriting workshops - and I've been teaching French.

By joining this
Ko-fi community you'll have the chance to join me on some or all of these groups. We can talk songwriting, or co-create a song, or a story. There can be one-to-one sessions to develop your skills (performance, voice, songwriting, storytelling). There can be small groups. I will be singing or telling in a concert format on line at least once a month. Please click on the link below-
If you missed the two Zoom Concerts for Ukraine, you can play them below via YouTube. Wonderful list of performers and two very fine concerts. Either go to to donate and find the links, or use the video players below to see them on my channel. And please subscribe to the channel!

You’ll find my albums on Bandcamp. On Bandcamp Fridays (the first Friday of each month) Bandcamp waive their fees, so more of what you pay comes through to me. You’ll see there is a separate download of The Quiet People available, and all money received for that will be sent to the UNHCR.
Meanwhile an arrangement of Stone Circles for choirs is available via Santa Monica Music.

In other news, I have a new music publisher (First Original Music), and a contract to write a book on my research on “Jaufre”.
There will be further songwriting workshops. Please let me know if you would like to be on my mailing list for these.
I’m a singer, songwriter, storyteller, writer, workshop facilitator and medievalist, and I hope you can find all the information you need on this site. By all means contact me with any further questions you may have. You can also find me on Facebook at and my channel on YouTube is also TheAnneLister (this is to avoid confusion with the 18th century lesbian diarist!).

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